Friday, 12 July 2013

Doing Business In Nigeria - Nipex Registration

NipeX is an electronic contracting platform. It is a virtual community and collaborative environment that delivers significant value to all Stakeholders in the Nigerian Upstream Oil and Gas Industry. 

It links Buyers and Suppliers by establishing industry-wide standards for business transactions, and provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities, which includes a platform for showcasing contract opportunities.
Their primary aim is to bring supplies in contact with Buyers, showing they are a neutral body. They do this effectively with the use of an industry recognized supply chain management company Achilles, located with head office in the UK

It will interest you to know that there is a JQS section and an e-market section of NipeX. While e-market handles the e-contract section, JQS handles the supplier management as shown in the figure above. With this two powerful business model, NipeX stands as a giant to connect you to the Oil world.

Please find the link to the Nipex home page here 

You can download the Registration form here 

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